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The End Can Be the Beginning

The End Can Be the Beginning

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What will you be doing at 9 p.m. this evening (29th July)?

Like many other people, I’ll be watching the final episode of a TV show which has been part of my life for many years.

Neighbours is coming to an end.

Neighbours has provided us with some very memorable occasions (remember Bouncer’s dream and Dee Bliss coming back from the dead as her twin sister?).

In recent years, they’ve featured storylines such as surrogacy, terminal illness and transgender issues.

However, as anyone who marries Paul Robinson will tell you, all things must come to an end.

Endings are an integral part of therapy – and it’s something which therapists start planning for at the beginning.

For some clients, endings can be absolutely fine.

However, for others who may have experienced significant loss or changes, they need careful handling.

An ending can bring a tremendous feeling of loss – especially if it was not expected.

It can also be a chance to reflect and make positive changes.

You may have lost your job, but it could be a chance to train in a totally different field.

Maybe you’ve retired and worry about how you will spend your time.

Endings can be hard, but they can also lead to new beginnings.

Are you facing an ending or a new start?

Do you need help to take the next steps after a loss or change of circumstances?

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